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What to know before visiting Rize

This company was founded on a fundamental principle: tourist satisfaction. We've assembled an exceptional team of enthusiastic young individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, driven by the belief that there can be no greater success for a company than providing excellent service and proper, courteous interaction. Consequently, the team has made every effort to expand its services and team members, becoming one of the most renowned companies in Istanbul and now in the region. Day by day, the team continues to spread the joy of tourism, documenting happy moments, capturing stunning pictures, and providing amazing experiences. Our commitment to growth and development led us to offer tourist services in multiple languages, including English, Russian, and Urdu. In 2022, despite the challenging market conditions, especially the unexpected closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were awarded the Best Arabic Tourism Company in Turkey. Today, we continue to strive for excellence, serving tourists coming to Turkey from all around the world.

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