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Why Flamingo ?

If you want to know why tourists choose us, then let us take you on a journey of what our company excels at. The varied services and programs are just one factor of our success. Other factors like the professional staff and the amazing relationship we maintain with our tourists are valuable reasons, too.

Many of our tourists have shared their opinion of the service and joy they have experienced with us. The main reason beyond their trust is that they are not just customers to us. We grow with their satisfaction and we share their happy moments.






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Hotel Reservation & ACCOMMODATION

Hotels booking in Turkey can be hard because of the variety of quality rates and accommodation details. Also, who would want to spend time on such details while going on a vacation?

With our booking experiences and system, we’ll make you the best choice that suits your taste and needs. From hotel apartments to five-star hotels, you will get the best choices in Istanbul and all other tourism destinations in Turkey.


Alone, with a family, inside Istanbul, in another city, for fun, or for adventure, all tours you have dreamed about and planned for are offered here by Flamingo of Istanbul. The varied programs and the large bank of positive customer reviews made Flamingo of Istanbul the first choice for many tourists.


Finding the right flight details such as price, ticket type (one way or round ticket), flight degree, and date can be a nightmare for many tourists who need to focus on the happy moments they intend to spend. Not to mention the heavy demand during the high seasons of tourism.

Flamingo of Istanbul, which is a booking agent of Turkish Airlines (TA) and Pegasus, will make this part of your touristic vacation easier. Whether you need a ticket for local or international flights, we are here to help you with ease.

Transfer & VIP Cars

Hey! Before you get on that plane, make sure you contact us where we’ll arrange your transfer to your hotel from the airport. Is that all? Our transfer service is not only from and to airports. It is all over the locations in Turkey.

By using our VIP service, you will be able to have a private car from Flamingo of Istanbul with a private driver and with special programs both in Istanbul and all of Turkey.


How about spending your honeymoon with details that you will always remember and feel happy about? How does it feel to celebrate a memorable special occasion like your marriage anniversary in nature, in cozy places, and with special activities?

Check this out! Flamingo of Istanbul has everything special for you. We’ll make special hotel reservations, suites with views, special tours and parties, amazing celebration ideas, and programs designed for your occasion.


What our clients said

Kody Byrd

professional company it was an amazing trip to izmit every thing was good and the place was amazing and many thanks to Gamal he was very helpful and made the trip enjoyable highly recommended

Lee Cunningham

Lee Cunningham

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Melody Marshall

Melody Marshall

Nam dapibus nisl vitae elit fringilla rutrum. Aenean sollicitudin, erat a elementum rutrum.

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