4 Fantastic Locations for Skiing in Turkey other than Bursa

Tue, Nov 22, 2022

Winter season is the season of a lot of fun activities in Turkey that tourist travel to during these four months to enjoy. The basic one is the activity of skiing which became famous in Turkey since Bursa has one of the highest mountains (Uludağ mountain) and one of the longest cable car lines in the world. However, there are other winter tourism and skiing locations to visit other than Bursa which you will be familiar with by reading this article.


1. Palandokin

If you’re looking for the longest skiing line in Turkey, then you should visit the resort of Palandokin. This excellent skiing destination is located above 3000 meters from sea level in the state of Erzurum. Here is another thing that makes this your next skiing activity location, the slopes and the type of snow made many tourists come to this place for high-quality skiing. Also, the site is fully equipped with everything the tourists need to practice this winter tourism activity in addition to the availability of excellent hotels in the area. Add this to your list if you are a winter tourist in Turkey.


2. Kartalkaya

Although the state of Bolu is known for its amazing nature in the fall season, 40 kilometers far from it is the location of one of the best skiing resorts which resides at around 2000 meters and above in height. What adds to the wonderfulness of this place is the cable car journey that will show you the breathtaking look of the Köroğlu Mountains which are so similar to the mountains of the Alps. This means you need also to get your camera ready for lots of pictures that you will always keep to remember such an amazing winter experience. This skiing location has also lots of cafes and some hotels that many tourists enjoyed their stay in. Worth visiting right?


3. Erciyes

Not far from the famous Cappadocia is the state of Kayseri where Erciyes mountain is located. Since tourists in Turkey are looking for winter tourism activities, then this location should be mentioned because of the wide area of skiing that tourists enjoy when they come to it. Moreover, there are other wonderful activities that make this location the best for those who don’t know how to ski much such as hiking in the forests and snow climbing. Getting there is super easy whether you are in Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir because the city has its own airport and flights are always available. In addition, there are wonderful dishes and meals the city is famous for such as sausages pastrami, and borek.


4. Kartape

If you are a frequent tourist in Istanbul then you have probably visited one of the most beautiful natural places around it Sapanca although it is located in a state different from the state of Istanbul, it’s considered one of the closest natural places to enjoy the beautiful green nature in. That’s in the summer. However, if you’re looking for a skiing experience in the winter then this place is your destination as well. Kartepe resort is a skiing location many people love to visit. You get to ride the cable car to the top of the mountain of Kartepe and enjoy the amazing winter activities and sports. There too you can find good hotels to stay in and if you love to wander in nature then you can also go hiking in the forests of Sapanca. And of course, since we’re talking about this location and don’t forget to visit the large lake of Sapanca which will be surprising to you when you reach its location because you will mistake it for a seashore. That is how big the lake is.

Winter tourists never run out of options when they visit Turkey in the cold season. Skiing is only one of the activities that we are mentioning in this article. However, there are many other activities and enjoyable experiences for people who are planning to visit Turkey in the winter. Go ahead and contact our team and we will prepare the best winter tourism program for you.



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