TOP 7 Modern Shopping Malls on the European Side of Istanbul You Will Be Happy to Visit

Mon, Jun 27, 2022

Istanbul has always been known for its old markets (bazaars) that attract millions of tourists every year. Now, it’s time to know a different side of shopping that a lot of people experience.
Shopping malls in Istanbul are extremely fascinating and attractive to visit and you are about to add some of these malls to your tourism trip.

1. Mall of Istanbul
It is considered as one of the biggest shopping malls in the city. The mall is in one of the most modern locations in the new city which is Basaksehir. This mall has a lot of international brands in addition to many restaurants and wonderful cafés. You will be dazzled by the beauty and the design of the mall that you may spend a whole day there.
This wonderful shopping center is equipped with all that makes your shopping experience easy and comfortable starting from escalators and elevators and ending with an entertainment floor.
It’s not a normal shopping mall since it has won titles and awards including the Future Award for High Achievements.


2. Istinye Park Mall
When you want to talk about a shopping mall of luxury brands, then you are definitely going to mention Istinye Park Mall. This is where you will be lost in the extraordinary architecture of the shopping mall especially the glass roof of it.
Istinye has a lot of luxury brands that you may never encounter in other shopping malls in Istanbul which makes this experience one of the most amazing shopping times.
That’s not all! Istinye Park has also wonderful cafés and restaurants including Chinese food.


3. Zorlu Center
This mall has another name that people use “ The mall of celebrities” because of many celebrities who show up in that location. Zorlu’s main importance is that it exists in the heart of the city and in a very beautiful modern neighborhood.
Here is an important thing to know about Zorlu shopping mall. It has unique stores, and it has the first opened Apple store in it. Also, there are so many important brands, mainly international brands like Under Armour and Louis Vuitton. But the story of Zorlu doesn’t end here, if you seek art performances, then you are in the right place because Zorlu has a huge theater that can host thousands of people where you can attend concerts of different kinds and by international artists sometimes.


4. Cevahir Mall
You may think we talking about another prestigious shopping mall. The truth is that Cevahir has more than its modern design to talk about since this one is the largest shopping mall in all of Europe. With its 6 floors, it covers a huge space in the heart of the area of Sisli. Cevahir has amazing features as well. We’re talking about 12 cinemas, and a very huge theater hosting big shows and conferences.
There are amazing international brands there that you can enjoy shopping at including Zara, Mango, and others.
If you are traveling with children and you want to enjoy your shopping experience, then Cevahir is the best location. Not only is it equipped with a children’s games hall, but it also has a cinema for children. What more could be better than this shopping mall.


5. Vadi Istanbul
The different and unique design of this amazing shopping mall makes it attractive to a lot of citizens and tourists at the same time.
The distinguished part of the mall is the water fountains and pool. This makes it so attractive to visit.
This shopping mall also has many brands and a cinema.
The surprising fact is that the intention beyond building this mall was first to be made a residence that looks like a 5-star hotel before it was turned into a shopping mall project with a 4-story building.


6. Venezia Outlet Mall
This is an interesting shopping mall to visit. It’s an open space that looks like Venice in Italy with boats that people go across the shopping mall through a pool made to mimic the Italian city.
What adds to its importance is the fact that it is an outlet mall which means prices are competitive there.
Also, Venezia is full of nice cafés and restaurants that will make you enjoy a wonderful meal or a drink while enjoying this architectural masterpiece.


7. Forum Istanbul
This is absolutely one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul. It is a place where almost 5000 people work in. Not only is it big, but also it has most of the important brands, and by brands, we mean fashion, electronics, and even sports equipment.
It has also a big separate building for IKEA and another one for Decathlon which is a sport shopping brand where people buy everything they need for practicing their favorite sports.
Guess what! It has an aquarium in it! It’s a water tunnel that contains a lot of sea creatures that reach 10000 kinds.


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