The Best Tourism Destinations in The Winter in Turkey

Sat, Oct 29, 2022

Most people think that visiting Turkey is something just for the summer however there are lots of winter destinations that tourists can visit and enjoy their trips in.

In this article, we will talk about the best destinations to add to your list if you are visiting Turkey in the winter and why these destinations have attracted millions of tourists from all over the world. Some of these destinations attract people from hot countries while others attract people from cold countries and that’s the beauty of tourism in Turkey it satisfies all tastes and desires of different kinds of tourists because of the varied weather conditions and the geographical space Turkey exists in.



The most famous destination for tourists especially those who are thinking of staying in Istanbul the longest is Bursa which is a city of many attractions. First of all, Bursa is the First Capital of the Ottoman Empire and it is located in a mountainous area where the most important top is Uludag mountain. In Uludag mountain, you will be able to experience one of the most important tourist activities, which is skiing, because the mountain is covered in snow all winter. In addition, you will be able to travel through the longest cable car line in the world and enjoy the view of the White Mountains in the winter.

Bursa has a lot of things as well to experience such as visiting the tree which is a 600-year-old tree the people take pictures of and enjoy drinking coffee and tea there. Also, there are lots of joyous occasions in Bursa that you will experience and will never regret such as tasting the Ottoman sweets (Turkish delight) that Bursa is very famous for.

Bursa in the winter and skiing activities in Mount Uludag



The charming land of Cappadocia attracts people from all over the year because of the amazing nature there which is basically made of rocks and valleys. Cappadocia has a lot of activities in the winter but the basic one is enjoying the view of these great natural monuments of stones and rocks being covered in white snow.

What also makes Cappadocia special is the city that was discovered underground where there were rooms, streets, tunnels, and even a school that ancient civilizations used as sort of a protection.

This destination is also full of nice activities such as riding hot air balloons in addition to taking tours on camels and horses.


And for people who are in love with the snow in the mountains. Trabzon has become the major destination that people visit in the summer and the winter. Trabzon is called Switzerland of the east because of the similarity in nature especially the green high mountains that are also covered in snow in the cold season. What makes Trabzon special as well as the amazing lake that people go to and take millions of photos of every year which is called Uzungol.

The lake is not the only thing you’re going to see, visit, and take pictures nearby since Trabzon is full of tourist attractions such as the tea farms in the region of Rize and the masterpiece of architecture Soumela Monastery that is built on the slope of the mountain.


And for those who are seeking some sort of warmth in the cold season, Antalya is your destination, especially visiting certain cities such as Alayna or just called the city of the sun there you will enjoy the warm weather even in the winter.

The nature in Antalya is absolutely stunning where there are valleys, green mountains, and even a Canyon where people can go rafting in addition to going hiking in the mountains. If you come from a cold country and you want to enjoy some warmth and natural beauty, then Antalya is definitely your destination. Don’t hesitate to visit the city even in the winter. Make sure that your program is well organized when you visit Antalya because you will never run out of places to visit such as museums, natural sites, and wonderful beaches.

You can enjoy lots of details in Turkey that cannot be covered in one article. Check what other tourists liked about winter tourism in the charming land of Turkey.


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