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Use these tips if you want to have a wonderful vacation in the charming land of Turkey. What you will learn in this article is based on actual experiences that many tourists from all over the world who recommend using them to their friends who are willing to have the same experience.

1. Make a plan don’t go random

If you think your random visit to Turkey is going to make you happy then you have to think again because turkey is very large and there are lots of places that are worth seeing you will regret later if you don’t go to which means you have to make very moderate research try to find the best places to visit and make a list of them before you travel there.

don’t struggle too much with this plan all that you need is to search for the best places and read the reviews of the visitors and tourists then make your priorities

2. Some vocabulary can help you a lot

If you expect a lot of people to speak English or Arabic or any other language in Turkey, then you are going to be shocked. What you need to understand is that the Turkish language is what makes your trip much better. That doesn’t mean that tourist locations don’t have people who speak other languages. So, get ready by learning the basic words and phrases in the more you learn these words the better and more comfortable your trip will be. Start with simple things like “good morning”, “good afternoon”, and “how much”. Also, try to learn how to ask for directions.

3. Get used to public transportation

If your plan involves visiting large cities like Istanbul during your vacation, then you have to make yourself comfortable around public transportation because it’s easier and more convenient. Keep in mind that there are certain times during the day and night when the cities get really crowded. That makes it difficult to go around using a car or a taxi.


There is a bonus here which is the advanced transportation system that the country has. Therefore, you can use transportation means like a metro, tramway, boats, and even buses with ease and comfort.


4. Cash is still important

It is necessary for you to carry cash around all the time not all taxis accept credit cards and not all restaurants have card machines. Another reason for carrying cash is the lack of ATMs in certain areas, particularly in rural towns. And since you need to carry cash with you it’s proper to do you exchange your money at one of the exchange service offices in the city instead of doing so at the airport because of the low exchange rate there.

In the end, being in Turkey is completely safe and a lot of fun therefore use these four tips to make your visit the one you always remember.


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