5 Enchanting Places for An Exceptional Holiday in Turkey

Fri, May 20, 2022

We are talking about the first country in the Middle East and the fourth in Europe in terms of tourist density. In Turkey, you will find tourist destinations for lovers of the past, history, and ancient civilizations, and others for nature lovers, green mountains, water spaces, and amazing islands. What makes Turkey a destination for tourists from all over the world is its wonderful and diverse climate as well.

Of course, most tourists prefer to travel on vacations and holidays to spend an exceptional time and create many beautiful memories. In this article, we will learn about the most important tourist places in Turkey, which will be a great destination for spending the Eid al-Fitr period this year.

1. Datcha:

You may find this area new to your hearing if you are a follower of tourism news in Turkey. But you must have heard of the state of Mugla, Turkey! Dacha is one of the places of this charming state, which is one of the most beautiful and calm areas in the Mediterranean. If you are looking for recreation on Eid al-Fitr and in the summer vacation, then you really need to visit Dacha, which is a city far from the hustle and bustle.

2. Butterfly Valley

When you reach Fethiye, you have to take a boat from Oludeniz on a journey of 45 minutes to reach a place that will captivate you with its charm for a long time because of the exceptional beauty of nature, where you will stay in wooden cabins or tents lit with candles. At this resort located at the foot of Mount Babağ, you will be in a place to refresh your soul that has been disturbed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. Secret Paradise

Neighboring the Black Sea, this region is made up of seven beautiful lakes located within the Yedelgaur National Park in the state of Bolu. It has been called the secret paradise for its captivating beauty, which is adorned with different types of trees and rare plants, and the lakes are the place where many birds of different and exotic types fly.

4. Cappadocia

This place is the talk of tourists and the talk of tourism companies in Turkey and the world because of its nature and interesting activities. In Cappadocia, you will live the spirit of adventure by watching amazing monuments called (the city of the jinn), which is located as a city of underground tunnels, in addition to the excitement of the balloon tour, which will be an experience that you will carry with you throughout your life and always talk about. Cappadocia is also the place where festivities, food, and barbecue parties are located.

5. Trabzon

Pearl of the Black Sea and the one of the most beautiful mountainous natural areas. In Trabzon, you will visit one of the most famous lakes in the world, which pictures you may have seen in all tourism advertisements about Turkey, is the wonderful Uzungol Lake. In the forests of Trabzon, you will find yourself in front of one of the most important attractions for tourists in the world, which is the 72-room Sumela Monastery. It is located at an altitude of 1200 m. The strange thing about this monastery is its construction, which is located on a mountain cliff, that makes it an amazing place for everyone who visits it.


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