7 Wonders Will Make Turkey Your Tourism Destination Several Times

Wed, May 18, 2022

Perhaps you once thought that Turkey is a tourist country because of its tourism services and the natural and geographical diversity of this beautiful land. However, in addition to the beauty of Turkey’s tourist attractions, there is what makes Turkey more attractive to tourists from all over the world. If you are a fan of exploring tourist areas, you need to know these 7 of the most unusual and wonderful areas in Turkey.

1. The Cotton Castle!!!

Pamukkale means the cotton castle. But what is Pamukkale?? Imagine that there are white mountains that look like icebergs, but they are white terraces formed from many sedimentary rocks in hot water springs!! The strangeness of this area and the beauty of its springs made millions of tourists visit it!

2. The Strange City of Air Balloons

This city is Cappadocia, and it is the capital of the most famous hot air balloons in the world which has also become a place visited by tourists to make memories and photos of their romantic occasions. But balloons are not all that distinguishes Cappadocia, there is more!! In this city, there are groups of underground rooms and tunnels dating back to a distant time and were discovered by chance.

3. Here, the Ottoman Sultans lived!

Topkapi Palace is the palace from which the Ottoman sultans ruled the Sultanate, but it is also the palace that today hosts many sacred relics such as some of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) hair, his cloak, the handle of his sword, and the swords of some companions in addition to other relics.

When you wander in Topkapi, you will live in your imagination in the era of the sultans, especially as you wander between the palace sections, gardens, jewelry and collectibles of those families.

4. The Haunted Mansion!!

This is what this palace is called, which is also known as Yusuf Ziya Pasha Palace. The reason why it is called the Haunted Mansion is that its construction was delayed for a long time. Perili Kosk Palace consists of nine floors, with an area of 5,000 square meters, and its construction dates back to 1911 AD. This palace is also the place for music lovers as you can enjoy playing the piano in the palace on several nights of the month.

5. The Submerged Palace!!

Also known as the Basilica Reservoir, it was built in the Byzantine era with a capacity of 80,000 cubic meters of water. In this reservoir, many musical evenings are held, especially that the 336 marble columns, which are arranged very nicely, give the place a wonderful cultural and historical impression.

If you are a fan of the books of the international writer and novelist Dan Brown, this means that this place is special for you, because of his important role in the events of the novel Inferno, which was turned into an important movie starring the famous American actor Tom Hanks.

6. The Abandoned Village!

Kayakoy is located in the Fethiye region, and this village has been abandoned since the beginning of the 19th century, after a severe earthquake hit it, displacing and killing many of its residents. The view of the village gives horror and fear impressions, especially at the time of sunset, and it is a very suitable place for those looking for strangeness mixed with excitement and mystery.

7. Ephesus

This city was once the second largest city of the Roman Empire, which was considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. How many theaters can accommodate 25 thousand people? Believe it or not! The city’s theater was of this size in addition to the presence of other landmarks such as the Celsus Library which is one of the largest libraries in the world at that time.

What do you think of these strange places of Turkey? Which of these wonders you might want to visit first??


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