8 Important Tips Every Tourist Needs to Know Today

Mon, Jul 4, 2022

(These come from hard experiences)

Do you think tourists should care less about details while travelling? Wrong! Even if you travel using the services of the best agencies, simple issues can bring misery to your tip. Here are 8 real problems-based tips some tourists learned the hard way:

1. Insurance is Essential
There are many terrifying stories that were about injuries tourists got and cost them thousands of dollars. Just because you feel strong and healthy don’t assume that nothing can happen to you. The travelers in the stories were having the same kind of thought and now they in a lot of debt.


2. People Might Laugh at You for This…Do It Anyway
You need to have passport copies in a bag, purse, suitcase, and wallet. These might save you from some very bad situations. Plus believe it or not, sometimes you may need to buy simple things like a SIM card in a place that doesn’t have a photocopier, and having a copy in your bag will definitely save you particularly if you are in the countryside of certain countries.


3. Daypack Is for the Important Things
Keep things like passports, important documents, laptop, camera, debit cards, and even your cash in your daypack. In other words, whatever might upset you if it gets lost, then you need to keep it near you.


4. Few Vocab Items Can Be Useful
If you pick up some words of the language spoken in the country that you are visiting, you will gain the respect of the locals you will deal with. More respect means more help. Plus, not knowing their language is your problem, not theirs.


5. Several Cards Are Better
Try to bring several debit/credit cards with you in case your bank blocks your card, which happens to many tourists. Other times, the ATM won’t accept the card you are using, or in the worst scenario, your card gets stolen. Keep one of the cards you are bringing in your backpack and another in your daypack


6. Inform Your Bank About Your Travel
Although this seems a bit of exaggeration, but some banks really block your card when you use it in a different country. You don’t need that to happen to you. Instead, you can tell your bank that you will be travelling so you don’t face this problem.


7. Changing Your Currency…Not at This Place
Normally, many travelers exchange their currency at the airport. This could be a mistake. Also, it can be a huge mistake if you are exchanging all your money there. This is because the worst exchange is always at the airport. Save this money! You will need it to have more fun.


8. Learn About the Local Traditions Before Going
In order not to offend anyone while traveling. Therefore, be fully aware of any rude gestures or offensive behaviors before leaving for that country or city. For example, in Turkey, it is considered rude to sit in public transportation while there is an old man or woman standing next to you. Read, learn, and do your homework.


In the end, remember that you are traveling to explore, have fun, and spend an amazing time of your life. Take pictures, and get lost in the wonders of new places.


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