Best Spots and Activities In Istanbul For Your Summer Vacation

Mon, Jun 20, 2022

When people think of Istanbul as a tourist destination, they immediately focus on the cultural part of the city. This is where people go to the mosques and museums like Topkapi and Aya Sofia in addition to Grand Bazar. However, there are places you need to visit especially in the summer that will add to your vacation a wonderful touch.


  • Night by the Bosphorus

After you long day of exploring the city that doesn’t end, you need to stay in a place that is calm and stunning where the view and the breeze of the sea will make you feel relaxed and satisfied. This is where you visit the area of Bebek and enjoy the night in one of the wonderful cafés and restaurants by the sea where the view of the Bosphorus is breathtaking.

  • See Istanbul from above at night

We’re talking about the rooftop cafés and restaurants of Süleymaniye. The of Istanbul is stunning from there where you will see the golden horn and the Bosphorus from where you are. Of course, the Asian side where Çamlica mosque and tower will be amazing to look at from there. You will also enjoy the taste of coffee and many tourists love to smoke hookah there.

  • Nice beaches for swimming

Many tourists think that Istanbul has no beaches to swim in. But that is not true. Outside the city of Istanbul there are a couple of well-prepared beaches where people visit regularly for swimming and having a wonderful sunbath on the cool sandy beach. The most famous one is Kilyos beach by the Black sea, and there are others like Burc beach, the beach of Büyükada, and Caddebostan Beach.

  • A wonderful nightlife everywhere

The clubs, restaurants, cafés, and the music performance are non-stop, especially in places like Istiklal and Kadikoy where you will hear music everywhere and feel the vibe of dancing and fun times.



  • Amazing Big Parks

Istanbul has amazing green well design parks that people flee to in the summer to enjoy the wonderful green spaces and the amazing view of flowers. One of the most admired parks in Istanbul is the park of Emirgan. It’s colorful and huge located in a wonderful place by the Bosphorus shores. Parks in Istanbul are many, not just this one. There is Yildiz park, the stunning Gülhane Park, Maçka park, and others.

  • Amusement and Water parks

Yes! The city has got amusement parks that will bring you and your kids more fun in the summer. One of these parks is Vialand which has the title of ( the entertainment capital). Another one is Aqua club dolphin which is a water park that can make your summer a lot more fun.


The list of the wonderful things you can do in Istanbul during the summer is long. A strong tourism agency like Flamingo of Istanbul will bring to your attention the best of the best of these spots that few tourists know about. You can share with us your opinion and question and we’ll be glad to help.


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