How did Flamingo become the most admired company by tourists from all over the world?

Wed, Jun 22, 2022

It’s true that companies compete when it comes to quality and sales, but Flamingo of Istanbul has a different story that brought people from all over the world to use the services of the fast-growing tourism agency Flamingo of Istanbul. Here are some of the factors that tourism agencies like Flamingo of Istanbul can become leading agencies in the sector of tourism because of.


  1. It is not a process

Flamingo of Istanbul made the whole tourism work revolve around one concept and one concept alone “It’s a human experience”. Yes! It’s the goal after all. Sure, all companies seek business improvement and results when it comes to the financial factor, but we realized that the true success is hidden in the word “QUALITY” and quality has always been the definition that goes “Meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations.” From that point, we started concentrating on why tourists would ever want to be with a travel agency on a tour or even to book a ticket at their offices. That’s where it all began, and it keeps going the same way.


  1. The team is based on GOOD to GREAT

Good to Great is a book that identifies the aspect of great companies and the number one rule to build a great company is to “get the right people on the bus”. Therefore, the hiring process is considered the hardest process a tourism agency can go through.

You can feel that spirit the moment you meet or interact with the staff of Flamingo of Istanbul.


  1. Competition is a losing game

When it comes to the competition in the tourism service field, most companies lose to that kind of thinking. It’s not the case for Flamingo of Istanbul since we concentrate on one thing which is the “tourist”. That is where our competition is conducted. It’s between the performance of the past and the performance of the present and the future.


  1. Always updating

Flamingo of Istanbul is known for its loyal tourists who come back to Turkey looking for the same company and the same staff member they had a wonderful experience with before. However, whenever they revisit Istanbul, they find that the staff members are still there but with more preparation and service improvement. Not only are the skills and services being improved constantly, but also the technology and tools used because improvement at Flamingo of Istanbul is an ongoing process and happens at all levels.


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