Istanbul Museums That Attract Millions of Tourists Every Year

Fri, May 20, 2022

Do not miss visiting them on your vacation in Turkey

When you visit Turkey, you are in a country full of development and history at the same time. Therefore, Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular are full of museums and palaces, which will make your tourism an indescribable experience of pleasure. Here are the most important of these museums in Istanbul, which we definitely advise you to visit.


When we talk about the palaces of Istanbul, this is the largest palace, which was the center of the rule of the Ottoman sultans for nearly 400 years. The splendor of the museum lies in the important Islamic artifacts, such as some of the hair of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his cloak, in addition to the swords of some companions and some manuscripts.

Yildiz Palace

This magnificent Ottoman palace was the seat of Sultan Abdulhamid II. It is located in the Besiktas area. The palace is characterized by the presence of a very beautiful garden, and the palace’s many suites make wandering inside the palace a very stunning experience because of the furniture which is designed in a style that combines European and Turkish tastes.


Imagine that you are walking through a city full of objects. This is actually miniaturk, which is a miniature city that contains models of the most important landmarks in Turkey of different eras and landmarks of the Islamic world that was under the banner of the Ottoman Sultanate. This museum is one of the most important museums worth visiting in the Beyoglu district on the banks of the Bosphorus.

Industrial Museum

This museum is not well-known by many tourists. It is a museum specialized in the history of transportation, industry, and communication. The museum is called (Rahmi Um Kush). It consists of three floors and is located in the Haskoy district.

Aviation Museum

For the lovers of aviation and aircraft, we advise you to visit this museum, which includes a variety of aircraft, including warplanes, jets, and helicopters, in addition to defense systems used by the Turkish army. This museum is located in Bakirkoy district.

Toys Museum

In 2005, the Turkish poet and novelist Sunay Akin founded this museum and collected many toys to create a museum of the most wonderful things you might see in your life. During your visit to the museum, you will suddenly feel childhood memories rushing back because of the beauty of toys. This museum is located on the Asian side of Istanbul in Kadikoy district.

The Modern Art Museum

It is located in Beyoglu in Istanbul and is a very attractive museum due to the splendor of the fine art production and strange artworks found in the museum. The museum is a competitor to the most important museums of modern art in Europe, and its unique location extending over an area of ​​8000 meters has made the museum a destination for art lovers from all over the world.

Chocolate Museum

Do not hesitate to visit this museum if you are a chocoholic, as tasting chocolate is not all there is to it, but rather seeing wonderful artistic sculptures made of chocolate that makes touring this museum a wonderful visit. You will see many figures of characters from Turkish and Islamic history, as well as heroes of novels and myths. This museum is located in Esenyurt.


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