The 5 most beautiful tourist destinations for a wonderful summer vacation in Turkey

Mon, Jun 20, 2022

Summer in Turkey is absolutely the season of tourism, especially in this country, which is classified as one of the world’s richest countries with tourist facilities. Let’s us help to know the most beautiful tourist destinations, which have won the satisfaction of millions of tourists.


  1. The Pearl of the Mediterranean – Antalya

This charming city is also called the Turkish Riviera, which is the city of Antalya. What distinguishes Antalya most in terms of tourism services is the diversity of hotels and tourist resorts in it, and of course, the wonderful nature in it and its relatively hot climate in summer and winter made it one of the most popular tourist destinations by millions of tourists.

Antalya is also a city of wonderful monuments and natural waterfalls. Antalya also has another kind of magic, which is the magic of delicious cuisine, especially Mediterranean food.

  1. Bodrum

This wonderful place, which contains many beaches and charming natural places, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the southern Aegean coast. It is also an excellent tourist destination for lovers of recreational activities such as surfing, skiing, and diving.

  1. Marmaris

The magnificent coast of Marmaris which is full of bays has made the city of Marmaris one of the most visited coastal cities. Also, Marmaris has many amazing hotels and resorts. When you visit Marmaris, make sure that the water park is in your tourist activities schedule. Activities in Marmaris go beyond water activities. You can also enjoy safari tours, and visit archaeological sites and wonderful markets, especially the famous Marmaris Bazaar.

  1. Oludeniz

If you are a fan of turquoise coasts and exceptional activities such as paragliding, Oludeniz is your best summer tourist destination. Oludeniz is a literal translation that means the Dead Sea, and it was named so because its sea is very calm and free from storms and waves. The city, which is 14 km from Fethiye, has become the destination for many sea lovers and nature walkers for great distances.

  1. Fethiye

The most enjoyable Turkish city and we can say that it is the most magical natural place, where the beauty of nature accompanies many very interesting activities such as safari trips, nature walks, and mountain climbing, in addition to sea activities such as diving, boating, and many other activities.

Fethiye has many wonderful beaches such as Camel Beach, Kidrak Beach, Çalış Beach, and other very beautiful beaches.

Do not miss the opportunity of a wonderful summer in Turkey if you are a fan of nature and activities, as you will find in these tourist destinations the most beautiful places for an unforgettable vacation


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