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If you are aiming to make your Christmas and New Year’s holiday special this year, then you definitely need to have a tourism program in Turkey. There are many reasons why you should spend the new year’s holiday in Turkey, and this article is going to list the most important factors beyond this choice in addition to what you can do during the holiday season.


The Holiday Atmosphere

New Year’s holiday is usually known for its special atmosphere where there are clubs, restaurants, beautiful views, and lots of places to have fun activities. For example, you can spend the best Christmas holiday in Istanbul enjoying the amazing Christmasy look that covers the streets, especially Istiklal street which is rich with old churches and cathedrals. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a snowy Christmas and New Year’s eve, then you can visit other tourist destinations like Cappadocia and Trabzon. The two cities which are favored by many tourists around the world are covered in snow during the winter in Turkey. As we always advise our readers based on their preferences, Cappadocia for many tourists can be a unique choice for a New Year’s holiday because of the beautiful nature where the weird formation of rocks becomes covered in the white color of snow in winter. These details will be the best option for those who seek a unique destination and romantic places to spend New Year’s vacations in.


Shopping, Shopping, and Shopping

When we talk about Turkey, especially Istanbul we talk about and new rising capital of shopping which is the thing that most people prefer to do during the holiday season. Nowadays, Istanbul is full of some of the largest shopping malls in Europe. Therefore, some people prefer to spend their New Year’s vacation in Istanbul because of the great shopping experience and the reasonable prices in addition to having the New Year’s atmosphere they prefer. On the other hand, shopping malls are not the only option for people who want to have a wonderful vacation and a great shopping experience since cities like Istanbul have some of the oldest bazaars in the world which also provide a new taste to the vacation experience.

If you decide to stay in Istanbul during the holiday season, then you should know that there are certain places that have great Christmas and New Year’s looks that are worth visiting and taking lots of pictures for. Some of these places are Taxim, especially Istiklal street which is a very long street of shops and restaurants. Others are on the Asian side of the city such as Kadikoy.

The Most Reasonable

Among all the tourist destination countries in Europe, Turkey is considered the most reasonable and affordable for people who are seeking to have a wonderful New Year’s vacation and Christmas holidays. This is an encouraging thought for those who can’t usually afford to travel and spend vacations abroad. Another form of reasonability is the kindness and generosity of Turkish people, especially in restaurants and hotels. Also, the locals are very welcoming and enjoy sharing their happiness with other cultures. Moreover, if you come from a hot country and you want to feel the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year’s which is usually a cold one, then Turkey will be the best choice for you because the weather is not as cold as it is in some European countries or Canada. Also, if you live in Europe or North America, then you will enjoy the weather in Turkey that is allowing you to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s without being kept in your house due to the freezing weather.

Celebrating the new year or Christmas means building memories that will last forever and Turkey bean the tourism destination of over 50 million tourists per year has become the best option for people to celebrate their holidays, especially in the winter


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